Hostile Ground is a prototype of a video game that I made in three weeks as part of a continuing training on Unity software.
I did this prototype alone which means I was able to discover and do every step of the game development process : C# scripting, 3D modelling, UV unfolding, texturing, integration, UI, Shader Graph, VFX Graph and Lighting.

Softwares used : Unity, Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe Illustrator.

Objective: Survive while exploring a landscape full of dangers.

Plot : A landscape is transformed as a result of manifestations of natural origin that have been recorded by satellite. These were located in a specific area of the Austrian Alps. You are a meteorologist at an international station in the Austrian Alps on the German side. Your mission is to inspect the area, identify and determine the nature of these “events” in order to have clues as to their origin.

Genre : Platformer, action, survival, adventure.

The game is available here :

In Game View


Concept drawings of the landscape

Maps of the three playable zones

BLOCKING - Pre-Production


3D Modellings

Style : low poly


Plateforms and lava ground area


Moutains and cliffs